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One day, an internationally renowned Architect, an award-winning Interior Designer and an unstoppable Entrepreneur with a lust for life and a love for Thailand, discovered a southern Samui coral beach with white sands, swaying coconut palms, a most unique and magical vista dotted with islands and traditional Thai longtail boats and the most warm and welcoming locals. They had discovered Thong Krut. A disused wooden structure on the beach was to become, The Beach Samui.

The Beach Samui fine beach accommodations The Beach Samui resort in Koh Samui

The concept for The Beach Samui was born from a passion to carefully create a small yet magnificent boutique hotel that boasts international standards of design and architecture and exceptional hospitality with a less formal and ‘barefoot’ attitude.

The Beach Samui adventures and experiences
The Beach Samui beachfront hotel

The design was always going to be imposing as unifying a modern, well-dressed building with a long-established rural wooden structure could never be seamless.

Harmonising with the sandy beach, the sea, the sunshine and the panoramic vistas became the team’s concern as they searched for natural materials that would reflect, yet not be overwhelmed, by the natural elements. Green Sukabumi is a stunning blue-green natural volcanic stone identified as a perfect fit for their purpose.

A pattern was established to make larger panels from the small tiles and meticulously the entire building was dressed from top to bottom with the green stone. The building holds its own against the natural backdrops of emerald seas and vivid blue skies, the texture of the tiles and the sporadic rusty shades bleeding from the pores of the stone compliment the rustic air of the village.

Alongside this, the concept combines sustainability, experience, wellness, amenities, community integration and an active approach to the environment. And so a stunning and architecturally sympathetic boutique was realised, in the midst of the most beautiful and unspoiled setting on the southern tip of Koh Samui.

The Beach Samui swimming pool
The Beach Samui beautifully decorated suites The Beach Samui hotel facilities
The Beach Samui Taling Ngam Hotel

Naturally, The Beach Samui has been developed with consideration for our beautiful island home.

Double insulated lightweight blocks for all interior and exterior walls

Exterior windows and doors made using high quality double-glazing.

Apartments have VRV high efficiency centralised air conditioning system, using CFC-free R410 refrigerant.s

External patio doors incorporate an automatic air-con cut-off device, if left open, to conserve energy.

An advanced rooftop solar thermal hot water heating system answers the demand for all hot water requirements.

The entire hotel uses low energy consumption LED lighting systems.

There is a primary water treatment plant under the building that will clean wastewater before harmlessly flowing free.




The Beach Samui

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